The Vertex Solutions - a TCC Company is a prime contractor under Training Services for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) Training and Management Assistance (TMA) Program. TMA’s mission is to provide customized training, learning, and human capital solutions to Government agencies that maximize individual, team, and enterprise performance.

TMA Benefits:

  • Simplified Procurement Process
  • Flexible Funding Arrangements
  • Experienced OPM TMA Project Managers
  • Comprehensive Contract and Project Administration Services
  • Total Satisfaction Guaranteed

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TMA Examples

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Training and Development (OTD)

Virtual Career Center

The OTD manages the learning and development for all ICE employees by providing training opportunities to those who work within the agency. OTD recently identified the performance goal to provide leadership development for all ICE employees. One method of doing so was to initiate the creation of a tool, called the Virtual Career Center (VCC), that would allow users to access training and career development tools. The VCC would be located on the OTD Web page for employees to access.

The VCC Website allows ICE employees to view suggested training and career development benchmark materials, and to learn more about various education programs and training related to their respective fields. VCC stores all materials so that it can be accessible in a single, consolidated location. The end product will include a Website that will be integrated into the ICE Virtual University Learning Management System.


What we provided:

  • A consistent brand and message with which all ICE employees can connect, regardless of their career lifecycle
  • An intuitive interface and navigational structure for access to career planning information, resources, and tools
  • A Website portal integrated appropriately and effectively into the existing ICE intranet infrastructure
  • A portal solution that can be effectively maintained, and a robust platform for future requirements


Defense Security Service Academy (DSSA)

Joint Personnel Adjudicative System (JPAS) Training for Security Managers

DSSA is responsible for training security professionals, government, and industrial personnel in a variety of security topics. As the number of students increases, technology-enabled training has made the delivery of security content available to larger populations of students, world-wide.

Vertex Solutions and our sub, NACON Consulting, LLC (a service-disabled, veteran-owned business), were contracted by DSSA to develop Web-enabled distance learning courses that would provide training, and exercises for DSSA employees on how to use the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Tools for Windows. The product would then need to be integrated into DSSA’s learning environment.


What we provided:

  • Instructional and technical assistance to support the design, development, and delivery of a Web-based and virtual-machine-enabled course designed to train security personnel in the use of the JPAS
  • Training that included six (6) hours of Virtual Classroom-based instruction, combined with a series of practical exercises that students completed in a Virtual OnDemand Classroom environment designed to simulate the actual JPAS environment


Department of State, Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (ATA)

Training Mobile Training Teams

ATA provides advanced antiterrorism training and equipment grants to strengthen the capacity of Partner Nations to find and arrest terrorists. Many Partner Nations are developing countries that lack contemporary infrastructure and other resources needed to maintain an effective antiterrorism effort. Since its inception, ATA has trained and assisted over 48,000 foreign security and law enforcement officials from 141 Partner Nations.

ATA’s expanding mission required a qualified contractor to supplement overseas delivery of advanced antiterrorism training courses and consultations critical to ATA mission accomplishment. ATA’s challenge was to field a large pool of qualified instructors to travel to third world countries to train local police and defense forces on the basics of anti-terrorism principles and procedures. Vertex Solutions, along with our sub, Potomac River Group, LLC (PRG), assisted in providing up to 200 courses per year worldwide, mostly in developing countries in Africa, the Middle East, and South, Central, and Southeast Asia.


What we provided:

  • A tracking system to monitor over 100 specific training ventures, during the various stages of planning and execution
  • Over 50 planning and budgeting documents for State Department end-of-year funding predictions in less than 3 weeks
  • An implementation of over 13 courses in high-risk regions such as: Pakistan, Georgia, Philippines, Libya, and Bangladesh
  • 107 planning proposals, worth over $7,000,000
  • An innovative cost and pricing model to remain flexible with the State Department’s numerous policy changes
  • Advanced antiterrorism training and consultations in a classroom environment for senior executives, intergovernmental, and mid-level managers


United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development (RD)

Lender Outreach Program

USDA RD Guaranteed Loan Programs provide significant value to rural America; they offer tremendous advantages to commercial lenders that do business in rural America by improving overall portfolio quality and increasing lending capacity. However, initial research suggested that in many states, commercial lenders are relatively unaware or do not know how to engage with RD Guaranteed Loan Programs.

For this project initiative, Vertex Solutions provided management consulting services by analyzing current best practices to better understand lenders and their needs. Vertex Solutions initiated a long-term relationship development strategy with lenders that originate guaranteed loans by developing a targeted association and non-traditional lender action plan to increase awareness and build long-term innovative partnerships.

Also, by culminating with the Equity Partners Across America (EPAA) program – which was designed specifically to reach target states that had been less successful with guaranteed loans – USDA was able to teach a larger number of individuals. 


What we provided:

  • Education to more than 272 lenders across the nation about the Guaranteed Loans Program during a two-week “lender blitz”
  • A targeted key account action to produce FY 2008 guaranteed loan volume, including supporting 21 target states and providing trained mentors
  • An “RD Guaranteed Loan Portfolio Package/Offer” that includes training, promotion, and positioning materials
  • A national lender relational database tool


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