Performance Pulse Check™

What is the Performance Pulse Check?

  • A web-based business analytics and performance benchmarking solution that enables businesses to:
    • Measure alignment
    • Identify gaps
    • Increase business performance
  • A facilitated insight-generation consulting service
  • Assessment of perceptions and Organizational or Channel Performance Indicators (OPIs and CPIs)

Why measure alignment?

An aligned organization delivers:  

  • 29% higher revenue
  • 50% more likely to have greater customer loyalty
  • 44% more likely to generate higher profits
Source: Izzo and Withers

Organizational Benefits

Sales and Marketing

  • Increases sales and improves customer satisfaction through direct and indirect channels

Learning and Development

  • Improves learning outcomes and workforce performance across all roles or channel businesses

Human Resources

  • Executes fact-based, insight-driven strategies to increase employee engagement and alignment, and reduce turnover

Measures 7 areas where alignment impacts performance

  • Management leadership influence and impact
  • Strategic clarity and marketplace awareness
  • Effectiveness, compliance, and understanding of processes
  • Understanding and impact of metrics
  • Impressions and experiences of culture and values
  • Workforce engagement, development, and climate
  • Communication, trust, and support across functions

How we collect data

  • Online survey on the Qualtrics Insight Platform
  • 30 questions, two to three questions per category
  • Five-point Likert scale
  • Data analyzed by score and gaps
  • Up to three respondent / population types
    • Corporate leadership, senior managers, business owners, or channel business manager
    • Regional or channel leadership, middle manager or location managers
    • Front-line workforce and customer-facing employees
  • Client customizations can include:
    • Question types
    • Target populations
    • Co-branded or client-branded
    • Level of data analysis