Vertex Solutions Group serves automotive retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and their channel partners. Through vertical market understanding and collaboration, we help clients accelerate their success through services in learning, management consulting, and performance technologies.

Vertex Solutions Group Industry Group, learning and performance specialists in the automotive sector, is dedicated to helping you:
  • Develop your employees and increase retention rates
  • Create an outstanding customer service and repair experience for your customers
  • Prepare your team for ASE certification
  • Provide thought leadership on trends and best practices in the sector
Vertex Solutions Group Automotive Technical LibraryUpdated

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure all our products and services remain current and relevant, we are updating our 70+ course Automotive Technical Library assets that have served thousands of industry technicians for more than 10 years. The Library’s innovative e-learning content is aligned to the ASE A1 through A8 Task List.
Updates and features of the Technical Library include:
  • A5 Brakes e-learning curriculum has been revamped.
  • A4 Suspension and Steering e-learning curriculum will be revamped in 2015.
  • The ASE Study Guide Practice Test is being redeveloped for each ASE topic as the revamped content is released.
  • The automated LMS assignment feature via our exclusive Technician Assessment Series will continue to be supported on our hosted LMS products.
  • Service or parts providers can access content that is aligned to an accepted industry standard – the ASE Certification.
  • Over 1,000,000 course completions to date!
  • The Management Development and Automotive Maintenance series continues to provide value.

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