Performance Assessment

Assessing and managing performance of individual employees/units/channels is not a casual undertaking. It is a continuous and, sometimes, complex process. Done correctly, performance assessment can recognize good performance, encourage professional development, provide recommendations for improvement and enhance the operation of the organization at all levels. 360s, KPIs, and other tools are effective measurement tools.

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Vertex Solution's Canopy Performance Engine™ is a cutting-edge tool that pulls in information from all of your channel’s various data sources—LMS, POS, CRM, etc.—and puts all of the most crucial performance metrics into one place for analysis, leading to impactful recommendations and action.

A comprehensive performance assessment process should also include an analysis and measure of the employee/channel/unit level of alignment with the mission of the organization. Vertex Solution's Performance Pulse Check™ is an easy-to-use insight-generation tool that measures alignment at multiple levels within an organization, followed by recommendations for action.