Canopy Performance Engine™

For most organizations, making sense of learning and performance data and turning it into actionable solutions to boost success, can be difficult.

Canopy Performance Engine is an innovative cloud-based solution that allows your organization and channel partners to get performance recommendations and resources based on unique data and performance metrics.

In areas where assistance is needed, Canopy will provide access to learning and coaching tools to help employees and partners boost their performance.

Canopy Performance Engine pulls in information from various data sources—LMS, POS, CRM—and puts all of the most crucial performance metrics into one place. You are able to quickly see how an individual’s performance stacks up against his/her goals and his/her peers.

Simple information. Clear recommendations. Practical tools for improvement.

Benefit to Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • Improves the performance and unlocks the potential of your channel network
  • Improves relationship with channel partners
  • Aligns channel objectives
  • Improves overall brand experience for end user

Benefits to Channel Partners

  • Creates and enables their competitive advantage
  • Engages employees
  • Improves customer experience
  • Measures success
  • Identifies areas for improvement and makes recommendations
  • Optimizes business performance

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