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Effective learning is not just done in the classroom. It’s done on mobile devices, tablets and everywhere on the go. The key to a continuously evolving channel partner or workforce is technology tools that give access to effective and user friendly performance resources—wherever and whenever they are needed.

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Learning Strategy

Training and development can seem easy—build some content, run a few classes with an instructor or online, collect some attendee data, get some nice anecdotes, and call it a day.

Using learning to grow your organization and get quantifiable results, however, is tough. It involves prioritizing and allocating scarce resources and translating learning into measurable business results. If your training isn’t driving business results, you might feel good about the process but you’re not getting much done.

An organizational learning strategy is a clear differentiator of employee engagement, today’s business performance, and sustained competitive advantage. Vertex Solutions can work with your organization to develop a learning strategy that will maximize the performance of your employees and channel.

Competency Mapping

Every job requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. Some are related to leadership or behavior. Others are specific tactical skills. Vertex Solutions works with organizations to provide competency mapping, which determines the necessary skills for different positions in your organization. We then determine what skills and knowledge your employees currently have, which allows us to create a plan to get fully equipped for their specific jobs.