Business Consulting

Our world changes quickly, and the organizations that thrive are the ones who change with it. Vertex Solution's business planning services help organizations be prepared for the future. We help you think and plan critically about potential opportunities and obstacles that can come from changes in technology, consumer behavior, competition and the general marketplace.

Examples of What We Do

Our Services

Market Intelligence

Without an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your market—competitors, customers, channel partners—it is impossible to know that you are making the right decisions for your business’ growth. Don’t take a shot in the dark. Vertex Solution’s market intelligence services arm you with the information you need to make decisive and effective decisions.

Market Analysis
This is the collection and analysis of information on market drivers, customer needs, and/or competitive threats.

Value Chain Analysis
We look at everyone involved in getting your product to market—from finding raw material to getting the final product into consumers’ hands—to decide what changes to that chain could maximize your profitability or competitiveness.

Competitive Analysis
Vertex Solutions collects and analyzes the strengths and weakness of your competitors in order to identify your key threats and market opportunities.

Business Planning

Your strategy is your roadmap. No matter how skilled your people are, they won’t go anywhere without the right map. Through our business planning services, Vertex Solutions will work with your organization to build a plan for success. Additionally, we can help you look at business and competitive environment in new ways that will better prepare you for the future.

Scenario Planning
This is a long-term planning exercise— at least 5-7 years out —that looks at plausible future scenarios within your market. We then build strategies for success to respond to significant market changes.

Strategic Planning
This is the process of identifying or revisiting an organization’s competitive advantage. It it used to develop strategies and action plans to highlight this advantage in the market.

War Gaming
This helps you have a better understanding of your competition by placing yourself in their shoes. By thinking like your competitors, you are challenged to think critically about your market and are better prepared to face new challenges.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Vertex Solutions Integrated Marketing Strategy (IMS) determines the market need, evaluates the Four Ps, and creates a winning plan to reach the right people in the right places in powerful, effective ways that will expand your audience and grow your business.

Needs Analysis
We develop a strategic analysis of the current market situation in order to understand customer needs.

Market Strategy & Plan Development
This is the planning process to identify or reevaluate an organization’s competitive advantage.

Organizational Alignment & Implementation
Vertex Solutions creates a detailed plan for the assessment of competencies, implementation, and organizational alignment within a company.