Performance Technologies

Vertex Solutions employs a systematic, multi-faceted approach, using a set of methods, procedures and strategies, to elevate learning and performance in your organization. Through leading-edge LMS solutions, to integration services, to performance support tools, Vertex Solutions equips your organization to streamline learning, close performance gaps and enhance reporting capabilities so that you can make more effective decisions. 

Examples of What We Do

Our Services

Learning Management Systems

There are more than a hundred Learning Management System (LMS) vendors in the marketplace today. Each offers its own capabilities and technology requirements. With broad exposure to many commercial LMS solutions, Vertex Solutions can provide full integration and implementation for your LMS. We are technology agnostic, which allows us to match the right technology to the business need.


Integration Services

Vertex Solutions integration services make it easier for the people in your organization or channel to get the information that they need most. We build and deploy components that tie systems together or to data from other systems—providing easier access or connectivity.

Single Sign On (SSO)
Working with your IT department and compliance team, we develop a seamless connection between your internal network and your Learning Management System (LMS)—making it easier for employees to access your LMS.

Windows Reporting Service
We establish data sources that provide enhanced reporting capabilities to you through an online reporting tool. This includes support for adhoc reporting, scheduling reports to automatically run on a defined schedule and delivering the reports through email.

Backend Systems
Enhancing and simplifying the connection of information from your backend system to the LMS or the LMS to another system. Vertex Solutions can develop integrations to your systems that support unique business needs. This can include connecting your LMS to your HR system, reporting system or CRM.

Performance Support Tools

Vertex Solutions performance support tools allow you to solve various business challenges by creating custom applications. These tools can serve several purposes including enforcing standards, assuring consistency in arriving at results, and providing a common method to share or distribute information. The performance support tools may be delivered via the web, PC, or mobile device, depending on the business requirement of the client.

Single Sign On (SSO)
Knowledge portals are web-based solutions that allow clients to publish content or assemble messaging that they wish to share with customers or employees. Knowledge portals are essentially websites that have a security component (a login) and an administrative component to them.

Custom calculators are systems that collect a defined set of information or drive a standard method of collecting information to calculate a recommendation or a result. These tools have typically been used to simplify a complex process for creating a result.

Electronic Job Aids
Tools to provide just-in-time information to customers or employees. This may include providing access to short learning bites on a topic or information on a process or piece of equipment.

Data Collection Tools
Tools to improve the methods or processes for deriving or collecting data. The information collected is typically used to understand trends or impact on business activity.