Creating Customizable Managed Learning Services

Business Objective: 

With more than 113,000 employees and 500+ locations across the United States, a major healthcare provider was in need of an enterprise platform for tracking and reporting each employee’s training records. This platform needed to be affordable, flexible, and customizable for each location.

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Additionally, The Joint Commission mandates that healthcare providers undergo on-site surveys every three years to maintain their accreditation. During these on-site surveys, providers must report that individuals within the organization have completed mandated training to provide healthcare of the safest and highest quality, making quick and easy reporting a necessity.

Vertex Solutions (VS) Methodology:

VS designed, developed, and implemented a system-wide transition from paper employee records to an online managed learning environment. To better retain employee accomplishments and unify various locations under a common culture, the VS team developed a managed learning service for the health system.

Under this managed learning service, VS designed an enterprise infrastructure to house, maintain, track, and report on all training developed for the health system. All types of learning—from employee certifications to online learning to corporate in-services—can be tracked and managed within this framework. The solution is scalable and deliverable in a standardized way regardless of an organization’s geographic locations.

As with many healthcare providers, this health system purchases learning courses from various third party providers and needed a platform to support this as well as its customized courses. To assist with this, VS customized a learning solution that accommodates and integrates easily with over a dozen content delivery providers, as well as customized courses developed by VS. Under this common infrastructure, the system’s employees are able to register, complete, and maintain transcripts of learning in a single repository.

In addition to a learning platform, VS also delivered customized content that supports the system’s leadership formation program that highlights specific complex relational skills such as spirituality, discernment, and ethics. Connecting and aligning employees with its culture, these courses allow the system to hold employees to principles of customer intimacy and professionalism not otherwise supported by generalized courses.

Business Results:

In developing a deep understanding of the health system’s culture and supporting its needs through a very diverse service offering, VS created a solution that provides great flexibility through a standardized platform. Services represented in this learning solution include VS’s unique managed learning environment, learning program management consulting, customized courseware development, third party content integration, customized reporting services, and multi-modal courseware delivery.

More than satisfied by the results of the managed learning partnership, this healthcare provider has continued to use VS through various technology integrations and for a variety of its customized courses. Reporting for the health system has also improved over the years and has deviated from a previously manual administrative task.

Using VS’s managed learning services, this healthcare provider has increased its course completions to nearly 1.5 million per year supporting over 113,000 employees nation-wide. Managing this content through the VS learning services technologies has enabled the health system and its employees to focus on what is most important—its patients.