Vertex Solutions Elevates Military Operational Flight Training with their First Operational Aircraft Mixed Reality Simulator in Support of the USAF

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November 20, 2023
Vertex Solutions Elevates Military Operational Flight Training with their First Operational Aircraft Mixed Reality Simulator in Support of the USAF

20 November 2023 (Niceville, FL) – Vertex Solutions, a leading developer of cutting-edge training solutions, including mixed reality (MR) pilot training, has been selected by Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to prototype and integrate a F-16 MR Flight Training Device (FTD) in support of the United States Air Force (USAF). This collaboration signifies a notable achievement for Vertex, marking their inaugural MR FTD venture supporting a military operational aircraft platform.


DIU recently awarded Vertex a prototype Other Transaction (OT) agreement for the Virtual Training for Air Dominance (VTRAD) T-38C MR FTD project, reinforcing the USAF’s Fighter/Bomber Fundamentals (FBF) tactical jet training course aimed at cultivating the next generation of jet pilots. In response to emerging training requirements, Vertex is now also prototyping an F-16 MR FTD configuration under this prototype OT agreement, which showcases the flexibility and agility of Vertex’s technical approach and DIU’s prototyping process.


Vertex has demonstrated success in securing crucial contracts in the realm of VR/MR Simulator technologies for defense and commercial training programs, establishing itself as a leader in the field. Vertex has been selected for three consecutive contracts from DIU in support of the USAF. A key achievement has been as a Prime contractor for DIU’s Pilot Training Transformation (PTT) program, where they showcased their prowess by delivering more than 200 VR Immersive Training Devices (ITDs) across multiple military bases, resulting in significant improvements in pilot training efficiency and performance. Furthermore, Vertex is leading the Multi-place Mixed Reality (MPMR) Program, introducing a complete MR simulator, which stands poised for evaluation and potential certification by the FAA. This cutting-edge simulator serves as a potential alternative to traditional full flight simulators, underscoring Vertex's innovative approach. In addition, their expertise is also reflected in the development of the previously mentioned VTRAD/FBF T-38C MR FTD. These successive contract wins emphasize Vertex's strategic progression and dominant presence in the VR/MR industry.


This latest collaboration with DIU marks another significant achievement for Vertex Solution.  I am particularly excited to develop a MR simulator for an operational aircraft, and demonstrate the utility of MR simulators for advanced pilot training,” said Dennis Wikoff, President, Vertex Solutions. “We are honored to further our contribution towards enhancing the USAF's pilot training, and eagerly anticipate pushing the boundaries of defense training solutions.”


DIU united small businesses in a collaborative effort to generate innovative solutions for intricate problems, a commitment echoed by Vertex’s recognized industry partners on this contract, which include Metrea, Ryan Aerospace, Varjo, and Bugeye Technologies.


For inquiries, contact Vertex Solutions at marketing@vertexsolutions to explore how we can expedite the MR solution deployment for your aircraft, surpassing the conventional acquisition timeline.


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Vertex Solutions, LLC (Vertex) is a distinguished certified woman-owned small business, boasting nearly three decades in delivering acclaimed training support services to both the U.S. Government and private-sector enterprises. Our strength lies in pioneering cutting-edge training technology, with a special emphasis on extended reality (XR) training devices. As the principal contractor for a suite of Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) initiatives, including the Pilot Training Transformation (PTT), the Multi-Place Mixed Reality (MPMR) flight simulator, and the recently launched Virtual Training for Air Dominance (VTRAD) program, we've successfully deployed in excess of 260 XR flight simulators, in addition to a myriad of other compact training devices, to the USAF and US Navy. At present, we're actively engaged in the fabrication of an additional 50 training devices in support of the US Navy T-6 pilot training program and another 20 devices in support of the USAF Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT).


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