Research & Technology

Research & Technology

Vertex Solutions works with our customers as a trusted advisor to recommend the solutions that best meet their training requirements and complement their existing training enterprise. One of the reasons we are able to gain and maintain our customers’ trust is the confidence they have that our focus on research and innovation brings thought leadership and industry best practices. Our Research and Innovation team is committed to being at the forefront of emerging technologies that improve learning. Our research positions us to be the developer of new and novel approaches that deliver more effective training directly to the student.

    AI-Enabled Virtual Environment Interaction

    Various military groups are developing extended reality (XR) solutions to fit within their overall training curricula but are encountering similar challenges in implementing interaction with virtual environments. To address and overcome these challenges, we developed a flexible hand-tracking...

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    Systems & Physics Models for Training Applications

    The ability to deliver realistic and real time simulation of the dynamics of complex military systems, e.g. aircraft, vehicles, weapons, wearable equipment, etc., is crucial to enabling military personnel to train like they fight. Vertex’s highly skilled technical staff has the expertise,...

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    Development & Integration of Emulation Hardware for Military Systems

    While many of Vertex’s successfully delivered and adopted XR training solutions are purely virtual (no physical components), our skilled technical team and instructional designers have the background and experience to determine where and when physical emulation hardware is required to meet...

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    XR Training System Architecture & Integration

    Vertex has successfully developed and delivered training solutions that make use of:


    • Unreal
    • Unity
    • Prepar3D
    • Virtual Battlespace (VBS) Blue IG
    • Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG)
    • FLEX-air
    • Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE)
    • Moodle-based and other learning management...
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    Vertex Intelligent Tutoring System

    As a leading developer of training solutions that enable users to learn faster, remember longer, and perform better, Vertex Solutions understands the importance of tracking student performance and analyzing the resultant data to prescribe additional training interventions, calculate return on...

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