Mixed Reality Flight Simulators

Mixed Reality Flight Simulators

Combining the tactile feel of physical avionics panels that match what’s in the cockpit with the realism of improved and more cost-effective visuals, our MR trainers offer end users the most immersive training experience at a fraction of the cost. The unique modularity of our MR flight simulators provides a capability that can be rapidly extended to multiple fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft configurations beyond the TH-1H.

Virtual TRaining for Air Dominance (VTRAD)

Fighter Bomber Fundamentals (FBF)

DIU has selected Vertex Solutions for its third consecutive advanced pilot training program. The Virtual TRaining for Air Dominance (VTRAD) mixed reality flight simulator will support the USAF’s new Fighter/Bomber Fundamentals (FBF) tactical jet training course, training the next generation of...

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Multi-place Mixed Reality (MPMR) Flight Simulator

Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) selected Vertex Solutions to develop the new Multi-Place Mixed Reality (MPMR) Flight Simulator. The initial contract requirement is to deliver a TH-1H rotary-wing simulator for 19th Air Force’s Helicopter Training Next program within Air Education & Training Command...

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